Organic Peach Juice 1L

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The development of the recipe for our Organic Peach was a long and winding road, but it was worth the considerable investment of time and effort. Also, our proven philosophy has paid off to only use the best quality raw materials: Fine, ripe organic peaches are processed directly into peach puree. 50% directly pressed, pure peach puree form the basis for our particularly fruity, full-bodied juice and lend it a robust body and substance. To perfectly balance the sugar to acid ratio we opted for natural malic acid instead of citric acid: It gives our organic peach a special flavour nuance and completes its aromatic fruitiness in a particularly harmonious way.

peach puree* (50%) directly pressed NFC – Never from Concentrate, water, sugar*, acidifier: magic acid.

*From organic farming. Pasteurized

100 ml contain approximately:

Energy: 221kj /52kcal
Fat: < 0,1 g
 thereof saturated fatty acids: < 0,1 g
Carbohydrates: 12,1 g
  thereof sugar: 12 g
Protein: 0,5 g
Salt:  < 0,01 g

Organic Peach Juice 1L