Organic Apricot Juice 1L

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Everyone has a sweet tooth for fresh apricots. But why do they taste so delicious in our juice? Because we only source the best raw materials that are directly processed to apricot puree. And no less than 40% of this fresh premium apricot fruit pulp go directly into our juice. Depending on the variety, apricots have a different sugar to acidity ratio. In our opinion, a special variety from Italy has the perfect balance of these "inner values“. Wonderfully fruity – after all, what else would you expect from a perfect sun-ripened apricot?

water, apricot puree* (40%) directly pressed (NFC - Never from Concentrate), sugar*.

*from organic farming. Pasteurized.

100 ml contain approximately:

Energy: 243 kJ / 57 kcal
Fat: < 0,1 g
  thereof saturated fatty acids: < 0,1 g
Carbohydrates: 12,6 g
  thereof Sugar: 12,4 g
Protein: < 0,5 g
Salt: < 0,01 g

Organic Apricot Juice 1L