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Energy Berried Alive 330ml

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Why Grenade Energy?

Grenade Energy is a sugar free, functional energy drink. Naturally caffeinated with Coffeine™, one 330ml can of Grenade Energy contains 155mg of caffeine, packing the same punch as two espressos, helping to provide longer sustained energy throughout the day! 

It also includes taurine, a range of electrolytes, BCAAs and a host of key vitamins, including vitamin B to aid recovery following a tough training session or an action-packed day. This sugar free energy drink is also free from artificial colours and preservatives!

A combination so fruity and packed with berry goodness, it’ll leave you feeling like you’ve been ‘Berried Alive’ in net-level flavour and intense motivation. Grenade Energy Berried Alive mixes sweet strawberry with a hint of blueberry, and is powered by natural caffeine, BCAAs, electrolytes and vitamins. Helping you rise from your mid-morning slump and smash whatever the day throws at you, Grenade Energy is your fuel to Get Shit Done!

- Mixed Berry flavour
- Zero Calories, zero sugar
- Powered by 155mg natural caffeine
- Added plant-based BCAAs, electrolytes and Vitamins
- No preservatives or artificial sweeteners